A Bit More About Us

We're six months into writing this blog now and I thought it was about time I explained a little bit more about why we started.

It all started with the late great Radio 1 DJ John Peel. You're probably thinking, 'What's John Peel got to do with films?' Stick with me and I'll explain. John Peel played such a massive mixture of styles that you never quite knew what to expect: from gravel voiced rockers (Leatherface), to world music (Bhundu Boys) and even 80s pop (Wham). I mainly like distorted shouty stuff but John Peel showed me new delights. Without him I would never have listened to My Bloody Valentine, A Guy Called Gerald or Buffalo Tom. 

Radio programmes now seem to be far too 'genrelised'. They narrow your view of music rather than expand it. The internet has done a similar thing for films. (Finally, he gets to the point.) If you like horror films there are a multitude of sites catering specifically for you. But again, you don't get to read about other unexpected delights from other genres.

That's hopefully where we come in. We don't claim to be the best reviewers and we definitely don't put ourselves in the same league as John Peel, but we hope to bring you some of those unexpected delights: how about trying the animated Persepolis, the creepy Lake Mungo, the gorgeous 5 Centimetres Per Second, the gritty City of God, the TV drama Shooting the Past or for the strong-of-stomach, The Woman. Even if you only find one new film that you absolutely love we have done our job.

Happy viewing.