New Year Honours List

In 2011, these two individuals have shown great commitment to the field of obscure films. They are duly welcomed into the obscurendure fold as fully fledged members.

1. For his tireless service to obscurity and severe tests of endurance, we salute Werner Herzog. He has a clear plan and he sticks to it regardless of what anyone else might think. A fine quality in any director. I know that I haven't rated his films that highly, but they are growing on me and I will definitely revisit them (his commentaries are also a real treat). If you want a film with a strange atmosphere, try a Werner Herzog film.

2. For being the first person to post a comment on a film review and actually have played a part in the film, we salute The Saw Lady. Even though we don't see her in Another Earth, we get to hear some of her gorgeous saw music. 

I wonder who will receive membership to this oh-so-exclusive club in 2012. We will find out soon enough...


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