New Year Honours List 2013

Another year gone and it's time again to honour a few people. Due to our immense Year of the Dead season I thought that I'd better include a couple of people who have contributed massively to the zombie genre:

George A. Romero

Zombie cinema existed before Romero got his hands on it but he invented the flesh eating shamblers that we now know and love. Without him zombies would still be working in tin mines. His first three zombie films are all crackers, directed by a master at the top of his game, and despite things going a bit downhill from there he still deserves his place in the obscurendure New Year Honours list. 

Lucio Fulci

If Romero gave birth to the modern zombie then Fulci was the  slightly inappropriate babysitter that trained them to inflict plenty of damage on unfortunate people's eyes. A master of atmosphere, illogical plots and gore Fulci created four of the best zombie films going, all in a three year period. Again, things went a bit wrong after that but another thoroughly deserving member of the obscurendure Hall of Fame.

Finally we have one more person to honour this year. He hasn't directed any films (that I know of) but he has supported obscurendure since we started nearly three years ago. His many comments and film suggestions are always very welcome and he works tirelessly forging links in the blogging community. So our final honour this year goes to:


Our very first follower, Chris has stuck with us through thick and thin. So let's give out some premium quality salutes to our three lucky Hall of Fame members (steampunk superhero costumes are optional).



  1. No. haha, I have not directed. There's still time :) Thanks for the kind words!

    1. Maybe you should give it a go :) Thank you for sticking with us.