Sunday, 8 May 2011

Intermission - Retro Phones

In between watching films I like to use my Retro Mobile. I can do everything that you need a phone to do: ringing people up for instance. 

Tired eyes? Can't cope with all of those bright colours on your phone screen? Why not switch to 'Murky Black and White with a hint of Yellow'-o-vision? Brilliant! Better than an eye bath for those weary eyes.

Sick of typing in long-winded texts? No problem. The texting capabilities on this baby are so irritating you will never even want to text. Problem solved!

Do those pesky ringtones annoy you because they actually sound like the real songs? Swap for a Retro Mobile and bask in the glory of monophonic chiptune ringtones. Sorted.

All of these capabilities and you can get them for about a fiver from car boot sales. Let's go Retro!

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