Monday, 18 June 2012

Feature - Competition Time!

Yes. It's the first obscurendure competition.

We have one copy of the 10/10 rated Brotherhood of the Wolf on DVD or Blu-ray (you choose) to give away. How do I win Mr Keith? I'm glad you've asked. For every one of the following things that you do, I'll put your name is a hat, well... more of a peaked cap really. If you refer a buddy and they let us know that you referred them, then you'll both get your names put in. Bonus! The more things you do, the better chance you have of winning this prestigious prize. (If you already own it then we can come to some mutually agreeable solution.) If you're lucky, I might even throw in a couple of my DVDs that I've already watched and reviewed in these very pages.

So here's the list:

And that's it. Don't worry if you already follow us, your name is already in the cap.

The closing date for entries is the 18th July 2012. The lucky winner will be notified soon after. Good luck!



  1. so I followed you in all three spots. No gifts and prizes on our blog right now but check us out if you get a chance :-)

  2. Hi, I think you were following my Necrotic Cinema blog. Or at least I seem to have been following yours :) I had to change the URL for a couple reasons. The drawback is I lost all my followers. If you like the sick site can you refollow me at:




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