Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Review - Resolution (2012- Dir. Justin Benson, Aaron Moorhead)

Things were definitely picking up at this point in the festival and Resolution continued the good work. It is very original, although it breaks the fourth wall in a similar vein to The Cabin in the Woods. As with that film I don't really want to say too much about it, it's better to just go and watch it yourself.

The basic premise is that Michael (Peter Cilella) is trying to get his friend, Chris (Vinny Curran) off drugs. He has a novel solution and during Chris' cold turkey strange things start to happen. Michael has to deal with drug dealers, the owners of the place where they are staying, a creepy fellow who lives in a caravan and someone who is mysteriously pulling the strings. Also there is a subplot about some French students who disappeared whilst investigating a local cave. Mmm... intriguing.

This is a film where you have to think about what you are seeing and think about all of the various clues (crikey, do two things at once? I struggle with one). It is well-written with very naturalistic dialogue and keeps the interest throughout. The lead actors also perform admirably and deliver a multitude of humourous lines, many involving crack. 

I don't want to say too much more for fear of spoiling it for you, but if you want a good mystery, that's well-made, entertaining and funny this is definitely worth a watch. It already has a distribution deal in America and something is in the pipeline for the UK. So hopefully it shouldn't be too long before you get the chance to see it. And I get the chance to see it again to further ponder its intricacies.

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