Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Feature - The FA Cup of Actors - First Round Draw

Last year we had zombies, this year: actors. 

Here's how the FA Cup of Actors will work: sixteen actors (all of which must have appeared in at least one film already reviewed on this site to qualify) have been chosen by an independent panel (basically me and Doccortex). They will then have to face off against each other in an FA Cup style competition. For example, if Mollie Sugden was up against Nick Berry, I would randomly select two films from IMDb, one from Mollie Slocombes vast filmography and one for Nick Pat 'Wicksy' Wicks. These films will be reviewed and the film with the higher rating will give that actor a pass into the next round. (If both films get the same rating then there will be a replay with both actors getting another film each.)

As always there are complications: if I've already reviewed the film that comes up, Doccortex will get a crack at reviewing it, and vice versa. If we've both reviewed it (Uninhabited par example) then we randomly select another film for that actor. Finally, if the film is very mainstream, we'll still review it (it's not looking terribly good for Portman if any of the Star Wars prequels come up). The actors have got to have shown great insight in their choice of which film projects they have participated in, and as such, need to show quality across the full breadth of their filmography. 

All clear? Okay then, let's crack on with the draw for the First Round and - as so often happens in these things - it's thrown up a few tasty contests:

1. David Warbeck vs. Radha Mitchell
2. Natalie Portman vs. Ellen Page
3. Jennifer Connelly vs. Rutger Hauer
4. Jeffrey Combs vs. Marc Singer
5. Nathan Fillion vs. Émilie Dequenne
6. Joan Fontaine vs. Barbara Crampton
7. Jamel Debbouze vs. Jennifer Jason Leigh
8. Gael Garcia Bernal vs. James Stewart

I'm a bit gutted that either Portman or Page will be leaving the competition in the first round, but on the positive side it looks like Bernal will be out, seeing as though he's up against powerhouse Stewart. 

For our first match we'll be seeing David Warbeck squaring up to Radha Mitchell. I think this match could go either way. It will all depend on the films selected. Shame that one of these lovely actors has to go too, but I suppose that's the nature of the competition. Find out the film that has been randomly selected for David Warbeck very soon...


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