Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Intermission - The Art of Tea Bag Folding

People are forever coming up to me when I'm knocking about in Clarky's bookies and asking me, "Evlkeith, what was your resolution at New Year and have you kept it?" I answer, in my smooth, dulcet tones, that my resolution was to start a new hobby and keep it up for the whole year, and maybe longer.

I decided to have a go at the ancient art of tea bag folding. Invented in Holland by a lady called Tiny van der Plas, when she wanted to make someone a lovely, thoughtful birthday card and all she had handy were some gammy tea bags. Cheers for that, love.

The art has obviously come on a long way since then. Here is a fine example done by a master tea-bagger:

Beautiful. I am obviously not up to that standard yet. I am merely taking my first baby steps and dipping my toe into the toasty-warm waters of tea-baggery. My initial efforts were a total shambles, but now with practise I am ready to showcase some of my work to the world:

Rather special, I think you'll agree. Okay, not as good as the masters. But my tea-bagging is improving. I still need to work out where they get the different colours and pretty flowers from. The internet is no use. Most of the time when I search for tea bag related activities I get some rather unsavoury specialist pictures. Cheeky. I think I'll try some posh tea next, like Typhoo. That might be the secret... 

Yeah, great. Just chuck us the tea bags when you're done.


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  1. What the hell is that guy up to in the tea making vid? Who did he think would be interested in his tea making antics?