Sunday, 15 September 2013

Feature - Letterboxd

You may have noticed the little Letterboxd logo on the right hand side. It's a bit like Facebook but way better because it's all based around films. I'm busy putting all of the old obscurendure review on there - albeit without the pretty screen shots and other extras - because there are some interesting ways that Letterboxd can sort films, for example, by their review scores.

Something else that I'll be doing is posting mini-reviews for some films that don't warrant a full review. There will also be any mainstream films on there that I've had a look at. So far I've done reviews of Star Trek, Cockneys vs Zombies and The Kovak Box that you won't see in the pages of obscurendure. Plus, I've already posted a list of my ten all time favourite anime films for your delectation.

If you're not already a member of Letterboxd, it's well worth it. I've already got quite a few recommendations for films that look just like my - and maybe your - cup of tea. That's all for now, but I'll post on here (irregularly) to update you on any other mini-reviews I do.



  1. I love letterboxd, glad you are enjoying it too! I can see what others are watching, and their ratings, reviews, and lists, which is interesting.
    And yes, a treasure trove for recommendations.

    1. Completely agree Chris. Plus, unlike Facebook, it's not overrun by photos of what people are having for their tea.