Friday, 2 January 2015

Feature - The FA Cup of Actors - The Final

It's been a long year but here we are at the final of the FA Cup of Actors. Let's have a look at how our two finalists have arrived at this illustrious venue (for the respective reviews, just click on the titles):

Ellen Page

Round 1 - Natalie Portman  vs.  Ellen Page
                Hesher - 6/10           Whip It - 7/10 

Round 2 - Radha Mitchell         vs.           Ellen Page
                Melinda and Melinda - 3/10     Smart People - 6/10

Semi - Ellen Page   vs.   Jennifer Connelly 
           Peacock - 6/10     Dark Water - 5/10

Émilie Dequenne

Round 1 - Nathan Fillion  vs.  Émilie Dequenne
                Slither - 6/10         Our Children - 8/10

Round 2 - Émilie Dequenne      vs.      Barbara Crampton
                The Girl on the Train - 6/10    Robot Wars - 2/10

Semi - Émilie Dequenne   vs.   James Stewart
      Écoute le Temps - 6/10  Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation
                                                     - 5/10

Here are some lovely statistics:

Ellen Page
Average rating = 6.3
Highest rated film = Whip It - 7/10
Goal difference = 5

Émilie Dequenne

Average rating = 6.7
Highest rated film = Our Children - 8/10
Goal difference = 7

Dequenne is still the favourite, although it could be closer than once expected. Ellen Page didn't actually contribute that much to the quality of Smart People or Peacock and a case could be put forward that she shouldn't even be in the final. But she is in Hard Candy, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Juno and Super, so she's got some half decent films still in her arsenal. Dequenne meanwhile has been solid in each of her films, although the rarity (and cost - one is over a hundred quid on Amazon) of some of her films may limit her final selection. Only time will tell as we enter the final stage of the competition.



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