Saturday, 24 January 2015

Feature - The FA Cup of Actors Grand Crowning

It's been a long competition (longer than I thought, anyway) but it's finally over. It was a tough final battle but a victor has emerged, (cue jaunty fanfare on a piccolo) - the winner of The FA Cup of Actors is... 

Ellen Page

You can tell she's won because she's wearing the Queen hat.

Despite winning the competition, I've actually gone off Ellen Page quite a bit. Her performances are generally the same, and when she does deviate she can become a tad irritating, like in Smart People. It will be interesting to see what she does as she gets older. 

If only I'd been able to review The Pack, Émilie Dequenne would have won easily. (It's ironic because Doccortex would have preferred it if Page had lost.) Dequenne's performances throughout have been pure quality. But it's all down to the films that the actors have chosen to work on that decides their fate. And Ellen Page has chosen well: Super, Juno, The East, Whip It, Peacock and Hard Candy are all solid films (and no, despite Page being the best thing about it Inception was useless). I haven't seen the more recent X-Men films yet although they may improve her ranking further.

Although I have my misgivings, she's still won, beating off a slew of quality actors. So well done Ellen Page, you are the Queen.


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