Thursday, 5 February 2015

Feature - The Battle of the Seasons Update

The FA Cup of Actors has been a long season but let's find out how it fares against our other lovely seasons:

13. The Luc Besson Season = 2 (Average rating for the entire season)

12. The Musical Season = 3.2

11. The Sword and Sorcery Season = 4.4

10. The 80s Prison Season = 4.6

9. The FA Cup of Actors = 4.8

8. Year of the Dead = 5.3

6. The Gritty Season = 6.4

4. The Buddy Movie Season = 7

3. The Mark Dacascos Season = 7 

2. The Christmas Season = 7.3

1. The Fog Season = 8

(The Mark Dacascos Season is placed above The Buddy Movie Season due to it having five films in it, compared to The Buddy's three.)

So it slots in just below our other year long season, The Year of the Dead with an average rating of 4.8. That's an accurate assessment of what felt like a generally average experience. I was hoping for better, but never mind.


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