Sunday, 8 February 2015

Mini-Review - Stalker (1979 - Dir. Andrei Tarkovsky)

If you appreciate and get this film (as many people seem to) then that's all well and good. For me it was two and a half hours of people wandering around in fields, stopping for a long chat about existential type stuff that for me was virtually indecipherable, and then having another little wander around. And then another little chat.
Some beautiful visuals made it watchable, but despite the massive presence of fog it was strangely lacking in atmosphere. This is my first Tarkovsky film and I'm not that keen. When I'm after my slow ponderous film fix I think I'll stick with a bit of Werner Herzog.

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  1. You can't approach a Tarkovsky film like anything you've seen before. Don't worry about the dialogue. Concentrate on what people are doing how they interact with their environment.