Thursday, 21 July 2011

Review - Rogue (2007 - Dir. Greg Mclean)

I saw this on holiday for the first time last year, when I was desperate for something half decent to watch. From the director of Wolf Creek, starring Radha Mitchell (Silent Hill) and Michael Vartan (Alias), it's about a great big stonking crocodile; what can go wrong?

Surprisingly, not a lot. It's another of those films that needs to be filed under 'far better than they have any right to be'. In the first part of the film, when Pete McKell (Vartan) sets off on a tourist boat down an outback river with Kate Ryan (Mitchell), it looks more like a nature documentary and includes some beautiful photography. The director obviously loves the region. Then in comes the crocodile...

The group of tourists gets trapped by a rather large crocodile on a small island, that is rapidly being flooded due to the tidal nature of the river. Mclean knows how to keep the tension up in various scenes throughout the film. He also knows to surprise you, by breaking the tension with something unexpected. The night time crossing of the river is a stand-out scene.

The only problems in Rogue are some of the cast. Sam Worthington. Can't stand him. I'm maybe being unfair but I still haven't got over how useless Avatar is. He's actually not too bad, but he brings back shocking memories. Then there's the family where the mother has cancer. The mother and father are both irritating. I was glad when they were out of it. They don't necessarily get killed though.

The practical and CGI effects work well on the crocodile and only a few shots look ropey. Most of the time it looks believable. There are some amusing deaths too. Not as many as you'd like, but okay. All in all, a fun film that exceeded my expectations.

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