Monday, 31 December 2012

Feature - Quiz Answers

A week ago I set a little quiz to get everyone in a Christmas mood. Five films were hidden in a set of images. Each film had five pictures to represent it. The five pictures all came from a Google search of the film title but none were from the actual film they represent. 

So here are the answers. See how many you got right!

Film 1?

Probably the most obvious one. It's Opera by Dario Argento.

Film 2?

The big clue to this one is the third photo. Make an acronym and what do you get? The Raid.

Film 3?

Tricky one. The final image is from Warriors of the Wasteland. And the fourth picture is the only other good clue. It's Wasteland.

Film 4?

I thought that this one was gettable. The final picture gives the clue that it could have something to do with Xavier Gens. The first two pictures are to do with crossing divides and the fourth picture seals it. The Divide. No idea what that pile of sick has got to do with it.

And the virtually impossible Film 5?

For a minute there I couldn't remember myself. Anyone who got that this was Only the Strong deserves a pack of sweets.


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