Sunday, 23 December 2012

Feature - Quiz

Everyone loves a good puzzle at Christmas. Let's face it, if you got a Lord of the Rings jigsaw on Christmas Day you'd be well happy. So in my role as Santa, I will purvey my puzzle goods to you, dear reader.

Hidden below are five films. Each film has five pictures to represent it. Here's how I came across the pictures. I typed in the title of a film - reviewed this year in these very pages - into Google and searched for images. The five pictures all came from that search but none are from the actual film they represent. For example, search for The Sound of Music in Google images and this is your reward:

Some of the images are as obscure as this one but look closely and there are a few clues. If you get number 5, I'll be amazed.

So here we go. Enjoy your puzzling!

Film 1?

Film 2?

Film 3?

Film 4?

And the virtually impossible Film 5?

There you have it then. I'll post the answers next week. I bet you can't wait.



  1. I've used all my jigsaw skills on this. I'm not entirely confident...

    1. Opera
    2. Resident Evil
    3. Lars and the Real Girl
    4. Brotherhood of the Wolf
    5. Y Tu Mama Tambien!

    Anything better than 1/5 is the best I've ever done on any puzzle. Thinking about it...better than 0/5.

  2. 1/5 it is. Opera is correct. I can see where you're coming from on the others but sadly... nil points.