Sunday, 30 December 2012

News: Coming Soon

Everyone loves zombies: small children, window cleaners, pensioners, even nuns. With this is mind, I have decided to embark on a voyage into the land of the dead. 

Over the next year I will be watching and reviewing one zombie film every week. The films will come from all over the world and will be in a variety of styles, representing the full range of leg-dragging action. I will be watching (re-watching, is more likely) classic zombie films mostly, but there will be a sprinkling of new films. Sorry, but I won't be watching Osombie.

All of this maggot-ridden flesh won't get in the way of our usual reviews and features. Everything else will carry on as normal, the Year of the Dead reviews will be on top of your usual dose of obscurities.

We'll be kicking off soon with Night of the Living Dead, the Godfather of the modern zombie film. This all seems like a good idea at the moment, but we'll see by the end of the year...


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