Friday, 6 June 2014

Feature - Battle of the Seasons Update

It's time to see how well the ladies have done as we pit the Ladies' Night Season against all of our other pleasant seasons.

12. The Luc Besson Season = 2 (Average rating for the entire season)

11. The Musical Season = 3.2

10. The Sword and Sorcery Season = 4.4

9. The 80s Prison Season = 4.6

8. Year of the Dead = 5.3

6. The Gritty Season = 6.4

4. The Buddy Movie Season = 7

3. The Mark Dacascos Season = 7 

2. The Christmas Season = 7.3

1. The Fog Season = 8

(The Mark Dacascos Season is placed above The Buddy Movie Season due to it having five films in it, compared to The Buddy's three.)

Mid-table obscurity beckons for our ladies with an average score of only 5.4. Nothing to challenge either The Fog Season at the top of the table or lovely Luc Besson who will surely be propping up the bottom of the table for the rest of time. Not sure what the next season is going to be yet but I've got a few ideas...


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