Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Feature - The FA Cup of Actors - Second Round

So the review of Mr Smith goes to Washington marks the end of the first round of the FA Cup of Actors (apart from the inevitable replay). Through this little competition I've seen some pretty good films (Outside the Law and my favourite so far, Our Children) and I've also seen some dire offerings (Night of the Living Dead: Reanimation springs to mind). Hopefully the latter half of the competition will introduce me to some more brilliant films. Optimistic fool.

Let's have a look then at how our plucky actors line up in the second round:

1. David Warbeck/Radha Mitchell vs. Ellen Page
2. Jennifer Connelly vs. Marc Singer
3. Émilie Dequenne vs. Barbara Crampton
4. Jamel Debbouze vs. James Stewart

We'll get the Warbeck/Mitchell replay out of the way pretty soon and then we can crack on with the second round proper. 



  1. Go Jamel! You can take that has been Stewart easily.

    1. I think Dequenne is going to take some beating. It all depends on the films that come up though.