Thursday, 21 April 2011

Review - Even Dwarfs Started Small (1970 - Dir. Werner Herzog )

Friends bought this for me at Christmas as part of a Werner Herzog box set. I am now slightly concerned about what kind of a guy they think I am. 

An incredibly funny film at times but also very difficult to watch, or recommend, due to some scenes of animal cruelty. 

This German film is about a community of dwarfs who gradually get more and more out of control, resulting in food fights, burning flowers and tormenting two blind dwarfs. The funniest part is them attacking a car with plates, food and a typewriter. Whilst one character, Hombre, giggles. Constantly. 

The director intended the film to show the violence and chaos that is hidden in society. The film does succeed on this level but does this really warrant scenes of chicken throwing? Worryingly though, this is a perfect film for this blog. Obscure and a real test of endurance.

If you like this (yeah, right) you could also try:
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