Sunday, 24 April 2011

Review - Summer Wars (2009 - Dir. Mamoru Hosoda)

This is an anime from the fellow who brought us The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. Based around an extended family and all the fun that entails. 

The film is split into two parts, the real world and a wide-reaching online space. It regularly cuts between the two. The real world looks like traditional hand-drawn cel animation, whereas the online world is clean, mostly white CGI. Summer Wars is a visual treat and the CG is refreshing compared to the endless talking animals we get from Hollywood. Both worlds look gorgeous and the animation, by the always dependable Madhouse, is excellent. 

There is a real warmth to the characters and the central theme of the strength of a family comes across well. The characters all have avatars and there are some great online battles. Some involve a large rabbit lamping other avatars and one final battle involving a traditional Japanese card game! There is one fantastic punch that brings out an audible 'oof!' from the viewer. 

If you haven't seen any anime before and you're after something quite gentle, there are worse places to start.

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