Monday, 25 April 2011

Review - The Horde (2009 - Dir. Yannick Dahan, Benjamin Rocher)

A French zombie film with the faster paced, running variety of zombie. For my tastes, zombies should shuffle. And groan. Well, at least these don't talk. Or ride mopeds.

It doesn't start too badly, with some half decent gore but, and this is actually a positive, the characters don't know the 'shoot them in the head' rule. This results in some comedy zombie fist fights. The highlight being 'death by fridge' (sadly no gore). 

The film has a slow middle section but does pick up at the end with a preposterous, but great, last stand on top of a car. A bleak ending finishes it off, it just doesn't work as well as other bleak endings as you don't actually care about either character who is left.

Watch the French language version with subtitles, as always, as the dubbed version is terrible. Funny, but terrible.

So, not too bad then. Next time, make the zombies slow and shambling, with a tendency to burst through boarded up windows, please Mr Directors.

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