Sunday, 24 April 2011

Review - Never Let Me Go (2010 - Dir. Mark Romanek)

There's been nothing on at the cinema for a while so Mrs evlkeith and I decided to plump for this just to see something. The word 'chilling' was in the write-up. Can't be all bad. Even though Keira Knightly is in it.

When I was watching, I was thinking - 'How do you review something so completely average?' The main premise, about cloning, seems drastically underdeveloped. Any conclusions that the film comes up with about human nature, you would say within about two seconds of hearing the premise. I don't mind having questions left unanswered at the end of a film but the question: 'Why don't they just run away?' is too big a question to not answer. It makes the characters' actions seem suspect.

The director has tried to make a beautiful film and at times he has succeeded. A scene with the accursed Knightly on an operating table is particularly well shot and affecting. But at times, the beauty seems forced. An image of a boat on a beach just makes you realise you are watching a film. You can imagine them transporting the boat and using a crane to put it in the most aesthetically pleasing place.

On a positive note, Carey Mulligan is great throughout the film - possibly the only thing that keeps you watching. But then, she was the best Dr Who companion that never was. You do care about her character and she is easily the best thing in the film.

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