Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Feature - Sick Statistics

Being a lover of lists and statistics, I thought I should do a little feature on the first 100 reviews. Here are some interesting (?) facts/opinions:

  • Best death scene: Head + hammer incident in Kill List
  • Biggest surprise in terms of page views: Waitress - 231 page views (Why are people searching for the word 'waitress'? Hmmm, I wonder...)
  • 2nd biggest surprise in terms of pageviews: Lake Mungo - only 16 page views. For such a good film, it deserves a lot more.
  • Most successful Intermission: Cocktails, who knows why.
  • 3rd funniest search entry leading to an obscurendure page: 'old ladies in hot tub'

(I am getting seriously disturbed writing this blog. First the Julie Andrews incident, now this...)

  • 2nd funniest search entry leading to an obscurendure page: 'bitch nurse gimp boy'
  • Funniest search entry leading to an obscurendure page: 'the netting of homeless people' (All three of these searches are actual things that people have Googled. What thought processes went through their heads before they typed those?)
  • Top eye-spice for the gentlemen: Natalie Portman (Garden State)

  • And for the ladies: any of the fat, hairy moustachioed fellas from Bare Behind Bars (they don't call me 'evlkeith: the spoiler of ladies' for nothing).

  • Most successful Feature: Prison Checklist
  • Best comedy fall: Atanarjuat
  • Number of days to post 100 reviews: 199
  • Average time between posts: 1.99 days = 1 day 23 hours 45 mins and 36 secs.
  • Amount of time on my hands: far too much.
  • Biggest pervert: Lupin (Lupin the Third)
  • Most improbably proportioned lady: Fujiko (Lupin the Third)
  • Creepiest villain who you wouldn't want to wake up and see them leering over the top of you in just their pants, making an unnerving 'he he he' noise: Mamo - the lilac suited freak (Lupin the Third)

To finish off, here's a sick little graph to show the overall quality of the first 100 films.

So, a bit better than average then. It should be. I don't try to choose duff films to watch. It just seems to happen. A lot.

Let's see what delights the next hundred brings us...


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