Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Feature - Celluloid Screams Post Match Chat

And so ends another Celluloid Screams. This year has pretty much been on a par with last year, except without the really bad offerings. I can't say that I've seen anything really good (never mind awesome). Although that holds true for new films that I've seen in general this year. Big Bad Wolves would have to be my favourite (it also won the audience vote this year) but I've got a suspicion that Painless may grow on me and end up above it in my top ten of the year. 

The short films were a mixed bunch, as usual, but my recommendations would have to be Butterflies, a stop motion animation about commercialism vs. creativity, Cat Sick Blues, a creepy little film about a bloke in a cat mask following a young couple home, Jack Attack, a well-made Halloween story, and Angst, Piss & Drid, a cheerful tale of two serial killers.

The allnighter was good fun. I wish that I hadn't grabbed a couple of hours sleep. I felt way worse after a kip. Next year I think I'll just go straight through. It may be better to have the allnighter on the Friday night ,then I wouldn't have been quite so tired. Or have one in about May time, that would split up the year nicely. Better still, do both.

Despite some bland films, the whole experience was great, as usual. Now I've got all of these reviews done I'm going to have a little rest. (Until I've got to review the next zombie film in our Year of the Dead season this Friday.) Also there will be some exciting news coming soon about what we've got planned for next year. And no, it's not vampires.


  1. Going to check out the trailer for Big Bad Wolves. Thanks for the reviews.

    1. It could be a while before it gets released but it's well worth checking out.