Monday, 4 November 2013

Review - Chimeres (2013 - Dir. Olivier Beguin)

It's a bit on the unfair side for me to review this; I don't like vampire films. The closest I get to liking one is probably Near Dark or Dracula (1958) though even then I'm not overly impressed. Vampires hold no interest for me. That's just the way it is. Nevertheless, review it I will.

Alex (Yannick Rosset) is a photographer with an upcoming show at a gallery approaching. Unfortunately he has a minor accident that results in him being given a blood transfusion. From a vampire. Possibly.

That's part of the fun of this film, thinking about whether he is a real vampire or it's all in his head. Once this mystery is solved things take a distinct turn for the worse. It's a shame because the performance from his girlfriend Livia (Jasna Kohoutova) is very watchable. She sells the fact that she'll do anything for Alex very well, apart from when we get to the stupid ending. But that's more the writer's fault than hers. I won't comment on Rossets performance because he's (possibly) a vampire and I don't like vampires. One bit though - and again it's not his fault - is very irritating: the flashes of his supposed vampire face in the mirror. Visually he's just the same as virtually every other vampire and these flashes occur regulary. Very regularly. They somehow don't fit in with the tone of the rest of the film.

There is a nice little twist at the end and the film should have stopped straight after it. Instead we're treated to some bizarre vampire action that isn't in keeping with the overall feel of the proceedings. Kung fu. How comes vampires always know kung fu? (Except Christopher Lee, maybe.) It's rubbish and spoilt it for me. The very final shots pull it round and it finishes on a high note thankfully.

Despite not liking vampire films, this wasn't too painful. As a bonus Catriona MacColl is in it too as Alex's mum which means it can't be all bad.

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Near Dark, Dracula (1958).

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