Sunday, 3 November 2013

Review - Claymania: The Films of Lee Hardcastle (Dir. Lee Hardcastle)

Not a feature film this time but a collection of shorts from Lee Hardcastle. Probably most famous for T is for Toilet from The ABCs of Death (a film I just can't be bothered to watch.) It's the kind of animation that would have been made if Peter Jackson (from his splatter period) had directed the Morph segments from Take Hart. Plus they're Northern which is a bonus.

The highlight for me due to its northern humour and gormless northern main character has to be An Alien Claymation. It's got a great ending too. And for your delectation here it is:

There were many other great shorts, including his most recent offering, the sequel to T is for Toilet, Ghost Burger which is an epic 23 minutes long. This just made me want to see a full feature by him.

I'll pop the other ones on for you to have a look at. Hopefully I can remember them all. There are loads more on YouTube including his 60 second versions of famous films. It would be a bit harsh to rate these against features so I'll rate them against other shorts.

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