Sunday, 3 November 2013

Review - Basket Case 2 (1990 - Dir. Frank Henenlotter)

Despite having a fatal accident at the end of the first one Duane (minus the beautiful hair) and Belial are back for some more basket related fun. This time they end up in a sanctuary for mutants where they make some lovely new friends. You'd think that they'd hit the jackpot but the happy times are about to end due to the involvement of a pesky reporter.

In Basket Case 2 there is less of an emphasis on blood and more on comedy, which is not that bad an idea considering the first wasn't really one for the gore hounds. A lot of the humour comes from the mutants running around in a camp fashion during moments of stress. The film as a whole is more polished and technically proficient than the first which actually works against it in terms of the atmosphere.

There is a large chunk in the middle where nothing much really happens and I have to admit to starting to struggle to keep awake. Luckily things pick up with a nice twisty surprise and another good ending.

Was it me or did I happen to see David Emge's name in the credits as Half Moon? Bit of a comedown from Dawn of the Dead

Anyway, that's the first evening of Celluloid Screams 2013 done and it's been a fairly average evening. Fours across the board. Surely there has to be something better tomorrow...

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