Monday, 30 December 2013

Feature - Battle of the Seasons Update

The Year of the Dead been a massively long season but let's see how well it's done against our other seasons.

11. The Luc Besson Season = 2 (Average rating for the entire season)

10. The Musical Season = 3.2

9. The Sword and Sorcery Season = 4.4

8. The 80s Prison Season = 4.6

7. Year of the Dead = 5.3

6. The Gritty Season = 6.4

4. The Buddy Movie Season = 7

3. The Mark Dacascos Season = 7 

2. The Christmas Season = 7.3

1. The Fog Season = 8

(The Mark Dacascos Season is placed above The Buddy Movie Season due to it having five films in it, compared to The Buddy's three.)

No great shakes then for our zombie season with an average score of, well, just above average (at least it didn't worry Luc Besson, although some of the individual films would, Zombie 108 anyone?). Just remember that there are some cracking films within the season (mainly the first three by Romero and the four classic Fulci films). Coming soon will be a Doccortex season. And it's got its own theme tune.


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