Friday, 27 December 2013

Feature - Christmas Quiz 2013

Following on from the runaway success of last year's Christmas Quiz, here's this year's instalment. Again there are five films to guess and they've all been reviewed in these very pages. 

Here's how it works: I type in the name of a film I've reviewed this year into Google images, then I select five of the images as clues. Simple. Yet decidedly tricky. Some shouldn't be too bad but if you get more than two right you'll have done well. More than three is bordering on the supernatural.

Mystery film 1 

Mystery film 2

Mystery film 3

Mystery film 4

Mystery film 5

Have fun (is it possible not to?) and we'll have the answers just before the New Year.



  1. Not hopeful in the least but...

    1. Phenomena
    2. Zombie Flesheaters
    3. Uninhabited
    4. Burial Ground
    5. Siege of the Dead

    1. Not bad nipper. I'm guessing that you've somehow mixed up 3 and 4. I'll post the answers soon.