Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Feature - evlkeith's Top Ten Films of 2013

It's the time of year where we inevitably look back over the previous year. We have our New Year Honours list available now to view, with three new members admitted to the obscurendure Hall of Fame (just click on the link to find out who). 

Our second piece of business is the obligatory chart of lovely films I've seen for the first time this year. Despite having watched some cracking films this year, The Beyond for example, I can't include them due to the fact that I've seen them before (many times in some cases). I've also seen some completely dire films, but they won't be in the chart for obvious reasons. So here we go, starting with the customary number 10:

10. Painless - even though Big Bad Wolves was my favourite film at Celluloid Screams 2013, this is the one that's stuck in my mind and I may even give it a little purchase.

9. Hard Candy - a fairly harsh film starring Ellen Page and some bloke. It caused some moderate to strong leg crossage combined with wincing.

8. Kill Zombie! - I had very low hopes for this but it managed to be a fair amount of fun and contained some likeable characters. One of the best new zombie films I've had to sit through through this year.

7. Tokyo Zombie - a slow moving grappling based zombie film that I couldn't help but like. 

6. Loups=Garous - nobody else likes this anti-mobile phone anime on Letterboxd, but I do. I had to watch it a few times to be fair, so it's maybe worth persevering with. (Especially if you're a lover of the gibbous moon.)

5. Footsteps in the Fog - It's got Stewart Granger in it. As a villain. With his lovely grey side hair pieces. Job done.

4. Dial M for Murder - a Hitchcock film that I'd never got round to seeing. It's actually pretty good. It does contain the gorgeous Grace Kelly after all.

3. Random Harvest - one of my gran's favourite films and could well become one of mine too.

2. Oblivion Island: Haruka and the Magic Mirror - a complete mish-mash of virtually every PS2 game melded together into film form. Shallow but loads of fun. A bit like a saucer of napalm.

1. Safety Last! - another film in the top ten that's so great it needs an exclamation mark. Last year I had The Avengers in the top spot, a state of the art superhero fest. This year it's a silent black and white film. Who would have guessed? 



  1. Nice to see Dial M for Murder in your top 10. Speaking of which. I'll soon be watching Hitchcock's Stranger on a Train, since I'll be catching up on some film noir during 2014.

    They don't make films like Random Harvest anymore, great film.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation Chris. Strangers on a Train is another great film, you should enjoy it.