Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Feature - Celluloid Screams 2011

Celluloid Screams is a horror festival that has been running for three years at the Showroom Cinema in Sheffield. I was lucky enough to see an advert for the first one when I went to see Antichrist at the Showroom. Since then I have looked forward to this weekend in October all year round.

The festival takes place over three days and this year fourteen main films were shown plus fifteen shorts. You normally get about fifteen or twenty minutes between films so there's just enough time to grab a drink and a sarnie/pasty. Screen three of the Showroom is taken over for the full weekend by people who actually want to see the films, rather than just going for a laugh.

The staff and volunteers at the Showroom are all helpful and if you don't want to live in a cinema all weekend, Sheffield centre is only five minutes walk away. You can go and sit in the Peace Gardens to wash away some of the grime and filth from your mind.

Anyway, let's see what offerings there were this year...

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