Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Review - The Theatre Bizarre (2011 - Dir. Richard Stanley, Tom Savini, Douglas Buck, Karim Hussain, Buddy Giovinazzo, Jeremy Kasten, David Gregory)

This is an anthology from seven cheeky little directors and it looked like pretty sick stuff from the trailer. Suffice to say, I was looking forward to it.

As with all anthologies, the individual sections vary in quality. The one that I enjoyed the most, I Love You by Buddy Giovinazzo, had very little horror content and was more a study of the breakdown of a marriage where the fella is a stalking control freak. Another highlight, with some severe eye trauma (always a treat), was Vision Stains by Karim Hussain.

The weakest was The Accident by Douglas Buck, which did have the dubious honour of containing the most gormless looking half-dead deer in a film, but even this section was not too bad.

The problem with it was that there wasn't anything really stunning. The individual parts were mostly okay. The framing sections by Jeremy Kasten didn't help, as they didn't link the stories together in any meaningful way and if you were watching this on DVD you'd just skip them.

But when you feel the need for a film that contains a toad woman bouncing merrily astride a young gentleman, a bloke's lad served up on a plate for his breakfast, a lady with H.P. Lovecraft style privities, numerous eye injections and a mister being ripped apart, then eaten by some crazed food addicts you could do worse than give this a try. And it's got Catriona MacColl in it!

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